Traveling In Spain

Spain, a sovereign country on Europe's Iberian Peninsula, has 17 autonomous areas with varied climates and cultures. Madrid is home to both the Royal Palace and Prado Museum, containing works by some of European masters. Seville has an intact Roman aqueduct and a renovated medieval castle (Alcazar). Catalans enjoy a warm, tropical climate characterized by long, beautiful beaches and a diversity of landscapes. The Basque town of Cantabria, situated in the northeast of Spain, is a favorite destination for families. With its picturesque countryside and towns of stone and villas, this quaint town has many attractions and activities. Guided tours are available to explore the countryside and towns. Guided day trips can also be arranged for families, which allow visitors to travel to the towns and surrounding areas. A variety of attractions, including medieval architecture and wine, make this a favorite holiday location for tourists. Barcelona - known as the "town of sun and fun" - is a vibrant city known world-wide for its high quality of life, exciting nightlife and world-class shopping. Tourists who are traveling to Spain in order to attend major events such as the Formula 1 car racing championship or the Olympic Games can find some great entertainment venues, such as nightclubs, restaurants and the Aquarium. The incredible beaches and resorts of Tenerife make it a popular destination for families to travel to Spain in order to relax and have fun. A variety of activities and tours are available to travelers, and some fantastic discounts and deals on tickets are offered at various times of the year. Barcelona - the Catalonian capital of Spain - is an ideal destination for those who love to shop. There are over 400 shops in the city, and a number of cultural and sporting complexes that are popular tourist attractions. The metro system, bus service and taxi services make traveling to Spain in this city very convenient. With a little bit of planning, it is easy to travel to Spain in Spain with a knowledgeable tour guide that knows the places to visit and the best ways to get there. Galicia - one of the most industrialized regions in Spain, Galicia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. It offers travelers a chance to enjoy good food, beautiful scenery, and a selection of activities. When traveling to Spain in Galicia, a few tips and tricks on budget airlines that fly to Barcelona, the capital, are provided. Restaurants and cafes in Galicia offer many selections of tapas, galician food, Spanish bars and lounges. It is possible for budget travelers to spend an entire day walking along the streets of this region sampling its Spanish food and culture. For travelers on a budget, Galicia is a great place to vacation because traveling to Spain can be affordable and enjoyable at the same time. Paella is probably one of the most well-known tapas from Spain, and is served at virtually every Spanish restaurant. This dish is originally from the north of Spain, but now it can be found throughout all of Spain and in many parts of Europe. There is a great way to enjoy this authentic Spanish food while traveling to Spain. All you have to do is find a travel operator that specializes in group package vacations that include paella. When traveling to Spain in a group, you will likely find that you have access to delicious tapas and other traditional meals as part of the package deal. If you would like to have your own version of tapas, there are restaurants that specialize in preparing this dish with the whole family. Galicia is a great place to experience authentic Spanish food while traveling to Spain. You can even combine the experience of eating local Spanish food with an evening of dancing in one of the many nightclubs in this region of Spain. There are many ways to enjoy your time in Galicia, and one of them is by spending a day or two eating tapas while touring Spain.